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iHAMMS® OnLine Control Panel Setup

Join over 3,000 hotels worldwide using iHAMMS FFP Software Solutions.  iHAMMS® OnLine serves as the overall control panel for complete Airline and Loyalty Partnership Administration, Management, Accounting and Reporting.

A Support Specialist will be assigned to work with you to create a branded version of iHAMMS® OnLine for your hotel (group). 

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•Multiple Data Collection Tools

•Robust Promotions Management Engine

•Rate Qualifier Enabled

•Reconciliation of every Mile/Point

•On-Demand Reporting

•Customized Trend Analysis Reporting

•Accounting & Billing File Integration

•Automated VAT Tax & Currency Conversions

•Individual Audit Files for Every Hotel Invoice

•Airline Invoice Reconciliation

•Loyalty Partner Invoice Reconciliation

•Booking Channel Data Capture Option

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